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Casa Velha
Casa Velha Resort is the first project at Boa Vista from b-Abroad. Inside, only a few stylish apartments built with materials of ...
  • KITE SURF - Special Weeks ADVANCED
    Kite at Boa Vista Cape Verde
    Book now your kite sessions at Boa Vista, in the familiar and independente context of Casa Velha Resort and Quintal132 and find the emotions of the Atlantic Ocean, in total freedom, and with the assistance according your capacities. Season from 1.10.2012 to 30.4.2013 (price per person) - flight + 1 person in BB in a two divisions apartment for 2 ...
  • AcustiCabo Verde 2012 Casa Velha Boavista
    AcustiCabo Verde 2012 Casa Velha Boavista
    AcustiCabo Verde 2012 is a competition in search of musical talent in the various islands of Cape Verde. The project was initiated by Cristina Gentile at Casa Velha Boa Vista and involves big names in the music of Cape Verde, as José (DJO) da Silva, Antero Simas, Augusto Veiga and Manel de Candido. Check out the details: AcustiCabo Verde ...
  • Mário Lúcio asks € 140 million to finance the Europe Culture - March 31, 2012
    Mário Lúcio asks founds to finance the Europe Culture - March 31, 2012
    The government plans to mobilize EU funds amounting to one hundred and forty million euro to finance cultural projects in the country for the next ten years.The request was presented in Brussels, the Minister of Culture of Cape Verde in the European Parliament. On this occasion, Mario Lucio Sousa told MEPs that the funding, which will be managed by the Fund ...
    Boa Vista island rich in biodiversity and mystical energies, where the ocean meets the land and slowly washes, consuming it as only two good lovers can do. From water to land by air fire elements are mixed in shades and hues from warmer to colder ...In fact, at sunset the blues and greens of the waters, are transformed into warm tones ...
  • CARETTA CARETTA TURTLES and the reserve Ervatao by Gennaro Cascella
    CARETTA CARETTA TURTLES and the reserve Ervatao by Gennaro Cascella
    From June to late October, the third most important colony in the world of Caretta Caretta nests in the south-east of the island, focusing on the beach Ervatao. But this place offers not only the spectacle of spawning and hatching of turtles, a walk in the ribeira leads us to explore the gardens, coconut palms, banana trees, date palms and giant baobab, ...
  • WHALES by Gennaro Cascella
    WHALES by Gennaro Cascella
    Some individuals of humpback whales in the North Atlantic have chosen to come and play right here in Boa Vista, giving, from March until the end of June, emotions, adrenaline unique in their kind ... Mom and small males that sing, jumps and acrobatics worthy of the best episode of National Geographic are some of the things that can be seen ...
  • I Viaggi di Repubblica
    I Viaggi di Repubblica - 2008 - The island near Paradise
    Pristine beaches, fishing villages, a sea of ​​bright colors. Unfortunately, the natural balance of this little wonder Cape Verde, however, is threatened. Especially thanks to the man. ...
  • Latitudeslife Casa Velha - 2009
    Latitudeslife Casa Velha - 2009 - Capo Verde. Sobrado High Tech in Boa Vista
    A long and 200 meters from the beautiful beach of Estoril and a short walk from the center of Sal Rei, the main town of the island, Casa Velha evokes, in detail and atmosphere, the colonial houses of the past. Its colors are a stark reminder of the desert and the sky of Boa Vista. ...
  • Marie Claire Travel - April 2009 – Refuge at Cape Verde
    Marie Claire Travel - April 2009 – Refuge at Cape Verde
    "[...] Fifty-five miles of endless beaches, untouched for now. Rocks dark stripes of red earth and turquoise sea, little heads turtle that rise two meters from the shore, the wind that blows to the delight of surfers. Boavista is one of the ten islands of Cape Verde, an archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, 6oo km east from the ...