About Us

b-Abroad, Real Estate and Turistic Investments Lda is a company with management and know-how of italians, which is evident in promising new Cape Verde property market due to its brand, aesthetics and quality, the highest level.
b-Abroad held in Boa Vista apartments in small resort and maison d'hotes, characterized by a strong personality. Each property has the colors and details, the Portuguese colonial architecture, with a single thread, the yard, the colonial past typical short overlooking romantic wooden balconies, and the brightness of the night's soft lights and candles.

The apartments bought by Boa Vista b-Abroad, when not in use, can be entrusted to Boavista Accommodation Lda, the second society of group. That, thanks to decades of experience in property management in Boa Vista, is responsible for the rent and maintenance of apartments, ensuring your investment in the short and long term, and above all the perfect state of maintenance of the property.

b-Abroad and Boavista Accommodation together to ensure and give value to your property investment in Cape Verde and Boa Vista.