Looking for musical talents

AcustiCabo Verde 2012 is a competition in search of musical talent in the various islands of Cape Verde.

The project was initiated by Cristina Gentile at Casa Velha Boa Vista and involves big names in the music of Cape Verde, as José (DJO) da Silva, Antero Simas, Augusto Veiga and Manel de Candido.

The competition will choose the most beautiful male and female voices of Cape Verde and also includes the categories of best composer, best composer and best band.

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Presentazione (6777 kB)
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Modulo Iscrizione (6900 kB)

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A Semana online (11622 kB)
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A Semana Jornal (34956 kB)
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A Semana Jornal 2 (47755 kB)