Commercial Activity

Investing in a business in Boa Vista is a decisive step in terms of business and personal, and doing it now is definitely the right time, given the situation of crisis and stagnant economies in Europe and America.

Even in that Boa Vista is against the current!

In fact, there are many foreign delegations (American, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, etc.), which in recent months has visited Cape Verde and Boa Vista, to establish important relationships and try to enter this market new and very promising.
From the point of view of the individual, more and more people are deciding to get rid of one side of the European stress due to bureaucracy and a tax burden increasingly and families constraints which often oblige children to follow "in the footsteps of his father."

In Boa Vista you can follow dreams and passions, like any business, if followed seriously and perseverance can give excellent results.

Here, in fact, there is a bit of everything "in terms of the services that the consumer goods and Boa Vista is the island in the coming years will see the highest rate of development of tourism in the Cape Verde archipelago.

Any activity sown today in Boa Vista, in a few years will give excellent results.