Proposal for a great business for those who want to invest in a activitie already begun.
The Casa Velha Cafe is an elegant and full of charm, open to the public, as guests of the house, from 7 to 22 and is located in Casa Velha Resort, an Hotel already established in the national and international market.

In the morning, is provided breakfast, snacks during the day and cold drinks in the evening, themed dinners and tastings.

Casa Velha Cafe is also an important cultural center, which has organized events locally and nationally.

Casa Velha Cafe receives its customers at any time of day, informal and welcoming ... as Boa Vista.

Proposta A: rilevazione gestione costo 80.000€ + affitto mensile muri 1000€.

Proposta B: acquisto immobile più attrezzature e arredo, costo 150.000€

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Skype: boacristina
Mobile (Cabo Verde): +238 9958197
Mobile (Italy): +39 333 3313241