Reportage by b-Abroad

You can buy an apartment less than 100 000 euro in a fast-developing area and close to the beach.

The market for real estate in Boavista has survived the recession because of the many positive aspects of the country. These include sunny climate all year round, easy access to flights from other countries and the absence of jet lag caused by the change of time zone than in Europe.

Many argue that Cape Verde has good prospects in avoiding negative consequences "lasting" arising from the global recession.

Among the novelties on Boavista, the b-Abroad Real Estate and Turistic Investments Lda has become b-Abroad Construction and will therefore directly the realization of their resort. This allows the company to be more competitive in the Cape Verdean market without compromising on quality and style of the time.

The properties in Boavista are characterized by a mark to aesthetics and quality, the highest level.

Each element used, the structure down to the smallest detail, is the result of careful research into the use of exclusive materials of high-level and long-term, such as for Bisazza mosaics, and Bossini Bellosta for the taps, Colorificio San Marco for paints and still Flos, Simes, Grundfoss, Indesit, Mapei, bTicino.

Each project takes in the colors and details, the Portuguese colonial architecture, with a single thread, the quintal, the typical short colonial past, overlooked by romantic wooden balconies, and in the evening glow of soft lights and candles .

After Casa Velha Resort, the first project at Boa Vista from b-Abroad, are available building units of Quintal132 and NadaMais, which will resume the same path aesthetic and quality.

In addition, another important added value, the apartments purchased by b-Abroad, when not in use, can be entrusted to Boavista Accommodation Lda second company of the group. This one, thanks to the five-year experience in property management in Boa Vista, takes charge of the rents and maintenance of individual units, securing your investment in the short and long term, and above all the perfect state of maintenance of the property.