The Prime Minister of Cape Verde was awarded the Deutsche Bank Ocean Award 2012 - April 27, 2012

Prime Minister José Maria Neves has recently received, in Kiel, Germany, the Deutsche Bank Prize Ocean Award 2012, in recognition of the excellent cooperation in the field of research, between Cape Verde and GEOMAR. An award, according to the Prime Minister makes him great honor and that it retires in the name of all Cape Verdeans.
José Maria Neves, also highlights the importance of the act of Geomar as an important stimulus for the development of marine research.

"The award that I have the honor to receive, on behalf of all the Cape Verdeans is a very strong incentive to ensure that Cape Verde can be done in the future, a sea of ​​opportunity," began by saying José Maria Neves.

The Prime Minister said they feel honored by this prize, associated with two prestigious institution "that had the happy idea of ​​its creation."

This is an initiative that "draws attention to the problems of the oceans and the importance of scientific activities related to it."

The Head of the Government receives a symbolic prize of 10 thousand euro, from the former Federal Minister of the Environment and Director of the United Nations Environment Programme, Professor Klaus Topfer.

In his speech Klaus Topfer, also the Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies on Sustainability, considers that the environmental research in collaboration with the countries of the third world, mainly in developing countries, is a pioneering cooperation.
Cooperation between Cape Verde and GEOMAR, he says, offers the best conditions for democratic stability and social and highlight the work of José Maria Neves which led to the realization of relations "bearing" between the National Institute of Fisheries Development, INDP, and GEOMAR.

"We will continue to strengthen this extraordinary relationship with Cape Verde and great efforts and resources have been mobilized so that in a short time, we can significantly improve the research infrastructure in Cape Verde, said Topfer, who promises this year, starting the construction of the Oceanographic Centre of Research of Mindelo.

The infrastructure will allow the realization of a large amount of analysis and will also serve as a training center for Cape Verdeans scientists and students...