Celina Pereira: "I'm not masochistic but for Cape Verde i am masochist" - May 25, 2012

With this statement, Celina Pereira shows her reconciliation with the country she was born, but who has not supported her early in her career.

This statement was made during the presentation of the audio book of the singer "Estoria, Estoria ... tambor to do Blimundo"

With her book, Celina Pereira retrieves several stories and rhymes of traditional Cape Verdean going to dig and dig in her childoud, games and rhymes that, according to Vera Duarte, one of the presenters of this audio book, are treated in this new publication .

The other presenter of the book, César Monteiro, a friend of Celina Pereira since 2005, has introduced on the biography of the singer, Wednesday, May 23.

After these presentations Celina Pereira was visibly excited, "Look up, swallow your tears and stop crying" she said herself.

During this presentation the guests were able to hear a song played by Quim Alves and sung by Celina Pereira.

At the end, the daughter of Boa Vista has answered some of the questions to "asemanaonline"
-What started this adventure to recover the old nursery rhymes and folk tales Cape Verde?
It was actually a real adventure. I felt that I had to get my personal memory and everything that colonization did not teach me.

-During this research has discovered many curious things about Cape Verde. What we want to remember?

I think this is very difficult. I found so many things!

Found decoding of words in some jokes or games that we have done and the kids are starting to do it again...

Marline Pereira

(Source: A semana, 25/05/2012)