Mário Lúcio asks € 140 million to finance the Europe Culture - March 31, 2012

The government plans to mobilize EU funds amounting to one hundred and forty million euro to finance cultural projects in the country for the next ten years.
The request was presented in Brussels, the Minister of Culture of Cape Verde in the European Parliament.

On this occasion, Mario Lucio Sousa told MEPs that the funding, which will be managed by the Fund for the support of independent culture (FAAC) "improve the conservation, protection and enhancement of capeverdian cultural heritage."

The Minister explained that the fund will help those who promote the culture of Cape Verde, to access financing useful for the conduct of its business "Through this strategy, the FAAC will make Cape Verdean culture means winning the country's development, capable of generating revenue, maximize job creation, improving the living conditions of people and promote social gathering. "

This is what has supported the Ministry of Culture, in front of MEPs.
(Source: A semana 04/04/2012)