Info Boa Vista

A 600 km off the coast of Senegal, Boa Vista, one of the most beautiful islands in the Cape Verde archipelago, offers its visitors the sun and mild temperatures throughout the year. Nature, unspoiled, offers breathtaking natural scenery. The blue of the sea, the red rock, the intense yellow of the sand, blend in a palette of unexpected for those who see the island for the first time and never ceases to excite even those on the island back then.

Discovered in 1460 by Alvise Cadamosto, the Venetian navigator in command of a Portuguese expedition, the island retains the facade of the houses, the characteristics of the first settlement, which occurred in the last years of the sixteenth century.
In addition to the town of Sal Rei, the capital, as well as cultural and economic epicenter, you can visit tiny isolated villages, from housing and features colorful, full of old world charm.

Each season offers different encounters with marine species: dolphins, whales, turtles, sea eagles and frigate ...

The island is also an ideal destination for lovers of water sports: windsurfing, kite, from surfing to diving.

Boa Vista, informal and relaxed, finally gives idleness and silence all those who want to escape from the pace and noise of the big cities.