Casa Velha Resort is the first project at Boa Vista from b-Abroad.
Inside, only a few stylish apartments built with materials of large Italian companies, such as Bisazza mosaics, and accessories for Bellosta San Marco Colorificio for the paintings, and decorated with care, blending the work of local artisans to clean and refined details of Italian origin, and some former French colonies in the world.
Construction was completed with extreme punctuality, within the 18 months required by the contract.

The apartments of Casa Velha Boa Vista, were completely furnished with linens and dishes, and even completely clear to be occupied immediately. Unhurried or stress, therefore, the typical entry in a new house. The owners were able to enjoy from day one, the holiday in their apartment in Boa Vista.

Moreover, in collaboration with a valid network and external expert advice, within 60 days after delivery of the apartments in Boa Vista, works were made of individual units.
At 200 meters from the long beach of Estoril and a short walk from the square of Sal Rei, Casa Velha evokes in detail and atmosphere, colonial houses of the past. And from there its name ...

The colors are a stark reminder of the desert and the sky of Boa Vista. Colors that never fail to excite those who, here on the island, has been at home.
Casa Velha has the services of a hotel blending unobtrusively essential freedom of a private residence, to live each day traditions and rhythms of calm Boa Vista.
Casa Velha Resort is the ideal place for those who love the simple and elegant side of things, an invitation to spontaneity and authenticity of familiar gestures were forgotten.
And then, the Casa Velha Cafe, which receives guests at any time of day, informal and welcoming ... as Boa Vista.

For sports lovers, Casa Velha is located in a strategic position in relation to three windsurfing and kite clubs and is the starting point for exciting sport fishing.
Casa Velha Resort, for the authentic travelers and visitors of style.

Casa Velha is designed to meet different needs.

Each element used in apartments in Boa Vista, the structure down to the smallest detail, is the result of careful research on the use of exclusive materials, high-level and long-term, as Bisazza mosaic and Bellosta for Bossini taps, Colorificio San Marco to paint and still Flos, Simes, Grundfoss, Indesit, Mapei, Bticino.

Proposal for a great business for those who want to invest in a activitie already begun.
The Casa Velha Cafe is an elegant and full of charm, open to the public, as guests of the house, from 7 to 22 and is located in Casa Velha Resort, an Hotel already established in the national and international market.

In the morning, is provided breakfast, snacks during the day and cold drinks in the evening, themed dinners and tastings.

Casa Velha Cafe is also an important cultural center, which has organized events locally and nationally.

Casa Velha Cafe receives its customers at any time of day, informal and welcoming ... as Boa Vista.

Proposta A: rilevazione gestione costo 80.000€ + affitto mensile muri 1000€.

Proposta B: acquisto immobile più attrezzature e arredo, costo 150.000€

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Proposal: furniture buying property cost € 58,000

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