Why investing in Boa Vista

Why is it interesting to invest in Boa Vista at the moment?

* Wonderful climate all year

* Pristine beaches

* 40 weekly flights across Europe

* Economy growing, with a forecast of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to 7.7% for the coming years (reports MacauHub).

*Destination n. 1 for Expedia

* "Tourist capital of neighboring New Tropics" for the Times

* Reported by the television channel Channel 4 in the top 20 best places to buy a house. Even before the French Riviera, Tuscany and Ibiza

* Cape Verde was accepted on July 23, 2008 the World Trade Organization, and, as a WTO member, will have to adapt and update national laws governing trade, health / sanitation and copyright, according to the law internationally.

* Right of "full ownership" of the property purchased in Cape Verde, which are then recorded in the Land Registry with a valid action on behalf of the rightful owner, without the need to be united by a Cape Verdean.

* "Reciprocity agreement" between Cape Verde and Italy, V. Law n ° 527 of 29/12/1999, which regulates the promotion and protection of investments in real estate, especially in Cape Verde, therefore, in Boa Vista, Law later extended to the rest of the European Community

* Because, despite the global crisis, in Boa Vista, the situation is against the current because it is a new tourist destination where, until 18 months ago, did not come direct flights from Europe. Now we have up to 40 a week from Germany, Italy, Holland, Belgium, England, Denmark, Portugal, Spain and France, and more.

* Fitch, recently rated "B +" rating from Cape Verde and its spokesman, Arnaud Louis, explains that this is due to the smooth functioning of institutions for its good governance (also confirmed by the recent elections), two factors that together create a stable macroeconomic environment and a high GDP growth

Later this year will add more flights from Europe and it seems that a low-cost airline has "asked for permission to fly to Boa Vista. This means that all those who do not want to go to resorts, but in a small hotel like ours, can fly at very favorable prices, so that the number of tourists from the apartment will definitely increase and, consequently, the annual income of each apartment.

So as of May 2011, the flights were duplicate because a large Spanish company (RIU) believed in the potential of Boa Vista, as we believed in ourselves, in our own little almost 10 years ago, after having built two resorts in Sal, did another two here on the island.
Riu is then connected for years, even at the corporate level, with the largest European tour operator, Tui, with which, however, we have established very strong relationships and set a two-year lease for the Casa Velha and Quintal132.

But Riu / Tui are not the only big players. Even Iberostar, Alpitour, etc., believes in the great potential of Boa Vista.